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“I’m going to marry him”

The story sounds like it is out of a movie. Two girls sitting in a cafeteria and laughing as they ate, one turns to the other pointing to the long-haired man who had just entered and laughs, “I’m going to marry him”. The man, Steven Lax, was a young wide-eyed American who had just immigrated to Israel after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis. The girl, who would eventually become Susan Lax, was an Israeli working on the kibbutz during her year of service to the country. As they worked together on the collective farm picking melons and caring for calfs, neither could have imagined that years later they would trade-in their work boots for comfort shoes.

In 1988 Susan and Steven Lax left Israel with their two young daughters and headed to the United States. As they struggled to make ends meet and adjust to life in a new country, the couple began selling leather and sheepskin jackets from Israel. Lax often recounts that his customers were not all that interested in the product, but bought jackets anyway because they loved the salesman.

Susan Lax at one of Yaleet's first shows. The company was still featuring leather jackets.
Susan Lax at one of Yaleet’s first shows. The company was still featuring leather jackets.

A proven salesman without a great product Lax was looking for something new when he heard mutterings that Naot, an established brand of shoes and sandals in Israel, was looking for someone to bring the brand to the United States. He was familiar with the brand, Susan’s sister and brother-in-law lived on the Kibbutz where the shoes were made, and knew that he would be able to sell the product, so Lax decided that he was the man for the job.

Ever the determined businessman, Lax persuaded the President of Naot to take him to a shoe show in Manhattan and told him that he had heard Naot was looking for an American distributor and that the plan they had laid out was all wrong. Refusing to take no for an answer, Lax persuaded Naot to give him a chance. He was given two months to compete with two other groups and successfully outsold both.

Naot sandals displayed on Jaffa Orange crates in one of Yaleet's first booths.
Naot sandals displayed on Jaffa Orange crates in one of Yaleet’s first booths.

Yaleet Inc., a name derived from a combination of the couple’s two oldest daughters – Ayelet and Yonit, was born. The first Yaleet booth was constructed using Jaffa Orange crates, a humble nod to the company’s kibbutz roots and the company’s first warehouse was located in the family’s condo. When the family moved to a new home the warehouse moved with them, “If it rained we couldn’t ship,” recalls Lax of the days when the warehouse was still located in the family’s garage.

Yaleet now has a 50,000 square foot space that is home to its warehouse and office and more than 1,500 customers across the country, but the company’s mission has remained the same: to make the world a better place one “step” at a time. Each week the company pairs up with a local retailer to donate shoes to people in need and nearly everyday we hear of a new story about how a pair of Naots changed someone’s life.

This is our Naot story. 

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12 thoughts on “Yaleet’s Naot Story

    • naotusa

      Hi Priscilla, thanks for reaching out to us. We’d love for you to call our Naot Hotline (1-800-NAOT-USA) so one of our customer service reps can find out more about you and offer suggestions on styles!


  1. Ann Hester

    One of the diamond like stones in my ashley noat shoes came off and I don’t know where it is. Would it be possible to send me one so Ican hlue it on. Thanks, Ann


  2. Marsha Campbell

    Just bought my first pair of NAOT sandals. The Cymbal Allegro. I love the shoes (can’t say I loved the store) and I found your site because I would like to know how to pronounce NAOT… I really couldn’t ask at the store. I was happy to hear the shoes are made in Israel, a place I have always wanted to visit.
    Thank you


  3. Kay Kennedy

    I have Plantar Fasciitis and need a shoe with a good arch support and support in the heel. Additionally, my foot is a Narrow to Medium width. I LOVE my Elegant footbed sandles and wanted to know if NAOT ever consider making a closed toe shoe with and Elegant footbed? I live in a state that has very cold weather and can’t wear my sandles all the time, even though they are the most comfortable shoes that I have.


  4. Elle Diaz

    I love my Naot shoes! We are planning on visiting Israel next summer 2018, and would enjoy a tour of your facility if you still offer them. What is the best way to get in touch with you?


  5. Kimberly Smith

    I love Naot, and have told many people about your products. They fit and feel excellent and, are my most commonly worn footwear. That is saying lot. I prioritize shoes that are best for the feet, with an acceptable appearance, along with high quality. The Naot pairs I own have the most perfect footbeds I have ever experienced, as well as attention to detail that I appreciate.

    I would like to be able to search for your products by the type of support they offer. I need excellent arch support, prevention of pronation, and overall good support.

    I also discovered the hard way that some collections fit narrow to medium. An unfortunate experience came from trusting the stated size on a Naot shoe and failing to detect that the product was not a traditional medium width. The shoes were classified as medium and I had not idea that this shoe could be a narrow to medium. This was a new consideration for me. There was no indication of this anywhere on the box or product, nor has this information has not been available in the stores I have visited in the past where I have purchased your products. I have asked experienced employees, after having learned that some collections lean toward being more narrow, and the employees know of the fact that some collections are more narrow, but do not have a way to find out which ones.

    Now I see that you explain this on each shoe description on your site. However, I need to be able to filter by this category in order to shop for the collections that are not in the more narrow range.

    Filters for good support, including significant arch support, and also for a width of medium that is not in the medium to narrow range would be most helpful.


    • naotusa

      Hi Kimberly, we appreciate your feedback and will absolutely take this into consideration. If you ever have any questions about fit and want them answered before you buy your shoes, we encourage you to reach out to our Customer Support team. You can reach them at 1-800-NAOT-USA (1-800-626-8872).


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