How to style Naot Verbena Sandals

Our Verbena sandals have been a hit this summer and we have loved seeing our #Naotic fashionistas style them in various ways! This transitional sandal is perfect for warm weather travels and adventures because they are extremely comfortable, lightweight and most importantly, fashionable! Whether your style is casual, edgy or everything in between, we know that our Verbenas will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Below we’ve showcased some of our favorite ways to style our Verbena sandals!

Cute, Casual and Effortless

We love how Jamie styled our Verbena sandals with denim shorts and a babydoll tee. It’s the perfect outfit for a long day outside or when you’re rushing out the door to meet friends but still want to look put together! If you plan on rocking this look all season than our Verbena’s are a must-have! They’re a great statement piece to add to any outfit because they’re trendy and come in neutral colors – making them easy to pair with casual outfits like this one.

Edgy & Rocking It

If you love wearing different patterns and embracing darker colors in the summer, then take notes from the fabulous Terri B! Terri’s t-shirt and camo skirt combo is edgy yet chic and her Verbena sandals definitely add the finishing touch to this look. These sandals are detailed enough to add a little texture to any outfit, but aren’t too overwhelming thanks to their neutral color. Keep on rocking it, Terri!

Dressy in a Jumpsuit

We absolutely love this look from mommy blogger Jessica Oakes! It’s as if our Dune Verbena sandals were made for that peach jumpsuit and straw hat. The mix of neutral colors blend together so nicely and the “mule” style of the sandals adds and edge to this classic look. The entire look is so versatile and transitions well from day to night. Best of all, she can keep up with her little one no matter where they go because she feels supported and doesn’t have to worry about her sandals slipping off.

Snag yourself a pair of Verbena sandals today at

How do you style your Verbena sandals? Use the hashtag #Naot so we can see!

5 thoughts on “How to style Naot Verbena Sandals

  1. Julie Petrik

    I am wondering about Naot’s position on the occupation of the West Bank and continued Jewish settlement in Palestinian territory?


    • naotusa

      Though we are an Israeli company, we are not a political one, and Naot is a very socially active company. The Naot Factory is located on a small farm community in the northernmost part of Israel, where we employ people of every religion, faith, and ethnicity. We believe that every sandal is a sandal of peace, as each one is handmade by the joint effort of Israelis and Palestinians. For over forty years Naot has subcontracted Palestinians at their own sewing factories in the West Bank. These craftsmen are incredible professionals with irreplaceable skills who remain a valuable part of the Naot team despite the war or political situation. We are one of the largest suppliers of economic opportunities for several communities on the West Bank. Naot is an employer of over 200 employees throughout the United States and Canada and provides support to thousands of local retailers who depend on the brand for their continued economic survival. Naot strives to provide healthy and beautiful products for our consumers around the world.


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