March 2018 Naotics of the Month

It’s true what they say–March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb! There certainly has been a mix of temperatures, and one thing we’ve been looking forward to seeing is the change in fashion that warmer weather brings. In our minds, all roads lead to spring, and if your shoes are comfortable, every step toward it will be that much more enjoyable!

Take a peek at some of our favorite #NAOTIC pictures throughout the month of March.

MARK & AMANDA – The NYC Couple

While warm weather calls for more barefoot adventures, you’ll need proper footwear for hitting the trails, too! That’s why Mark and Amanda selected our SOURCE by NAOT Harbor hiking sandals when gearing up for their recent hike to the Redstone Trailhead at Lake Mead National Park, NV. Best of all, these Harbor sandals let Mark and Amanda keep up with their adorable pup, Coco. 🐶

Find them at Simons Shoes.

SONYA – The Globalite

Near, far, wherever you are, Naot shoes are the perfect travel companion! Finding a pair of shoes that are stylish AND comfortable can be difficult, but with these versatile Pixie wedges, you’ll wonder why you ever packed any other shoes in your suitcase.

Naotic Sonya says, “I walked all over Malecon Puerto Vallarta in these platform sandals and no ache at the end of the day.” I don’t think we could have said it better ourselves. 🤷‍♀️ From walking around to shopping in the local markets, we can’t wait to see where Sonya will take us next.

Check them out at Shoe Spa.

JAIME HUFFMAN – The Charleston Blonde

How cute is this backroad photo of Jamie and her hubby? Her Arizona Tan Leather Helm booties work perfectly with capris for a flirty, yet practical look. They are ideal for those in-between weather days and a great option for any outdoorsy trips you have planned.

Get yourself a pair at Dodds Shoe Co.

GABRIEL – The Mensch

We are in love with the way Gabriel styled these Naot Pilot boots! This lace up boot and sock combo gives this outfit a little extra flare and can take you from winter to spring seamlessly. Thank you for your long-lasting support and incredible style, Gabe. 🙌

Shop now at

Who else is springing into this warm weather with their favorite Naot shoes? Share your photos with us by tagging us @NaotFootwear on Instagram or using the hashtag #NaotShoes for a chance to be featured on our pages.


Best Naot Shoes for Travel – Part II

At Naot, we always want our customers to look and feel their best no matter where they’re heading. This means ensuring that our Naotics are not only comfortable and supported, but that they’re well-dressed for whatever adventure comes their way!

If you checked our blog last week, we shared some of our favorite Naot shoes to pack for outdoor adventure vacations, resort hopping and trips abroad. This week we’re sharing our top choices to wear when setting sail on a cruise, relaxing at a winery or gearing up for a theme park with your family. Take a look at the pairs we highlighted below!

Setting Sail

If you’re heading on a cruise this spring, you need to bring our Prescott sandals on board. These leather beauties scream “vacation mode” with their colorful and intricate details. The adjustable hook-and-loop closure means that they’re not only easy to slip on and off, but that they’re adjustable to your feet.

They’re the perfect vibrant and comfortable sandals to help you explore new neighborhoods or to lounge around the deck.

Find our Prescott sandals at Peltz Shoes.

Family Fun at a Theme Park

Bringing your little ones to a theme park? Comfort and flexibility is key! In order to keep up with their high energy, you’ll want to pack our Papaki sandals. As always, these padded sandals come with our removable, anatomic cork and latex footbed so they mold to the shape of the foot with wear. And with the 1″ polyurethane sole, they’re extremely lightweight, durable and slip-resistant.

Best of all, their hook & loop straps will prevent them from slipping off when hanging out on the swings or chasing your kids through the park. The only break you’ll need to take is for some ice cream to cool off!

Find our Papaki sandals at Instep.

“Wine-ding” Down at a Winery

Whether you’re heading to Napa or “staycationing” at a local winery, you’ll want to wear a pair of shoes that are cute enough for group photos but comfortable enough to wear through grassy vineyards. That’s where our Caprice wedges come in!

The Caprice wedge pairs perfectly with jeans or a dress and are dressy enough for a cocktail event or winery tour. The fully padded upper creates ultimate comfort while the faux buckle allows for adjustability. And with the microfiber center, you won’t have to worry about slipping after you’ve had a glass or two. 😉

Find our Caprice wedges at Clog Kingdom.

Which pair would you wear on an upcoming vacation?

Best Naot Shoes for Travel – Part I

No matter where you’re heading, Naot shoes should be the first item you pack in your suitcase! That’s because we’ve mastered the art of creating comfortable, built-to-last shoes that are just as practical as they are fashion-forward. After all, when you’re on vacation, you’ll want to look and feel your absolute best.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite styles of Naots for beach vacations, travel abroad and outdoor adventures. Stay tuned for next week to find out which styles we recommend packing for cruises, theme parks, wineries and beyond!

Resort Vacation

Ready, set, relax! If you’re heading to an all-inclusive, be sure to include Source by Naot sandals on your packing list. Our brand new Island thong sandals are perfect for hitting the beach or sitting poolside. And with a pampering leather footbed, you won’t want to kick them off until your toes are in the sand. You’ll find yourself slipping into them to travel anywhere and everywhere on the resort grounds.

Find a pair of our Island Sandals at Clog Kingdom.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Whether you’re going glamping or are gearing up for a real outdoor adventure, our Source by Naot Harbor sandals are ready to keep up. They’re perfect for hiking, trekking, traveling, climbing or just hanging around a campsite.

If you’re backpacking or have long nature walks in your future, be sure to try on our Harbor sandals. Find them at Simons Shoes.

European Adventure

Is it just us, or does roaming the streets of Italy or France make you want to step up your fashion game? Of course, you’ll want to be comfortable while taking long walks on cobblestone ground but it shouldn’t be at the expense of looking chic. That’s where our Pixie sandals come in!

We love our Pixie wedges because you can dress them down with casual jeans or dress them up with a dress for a night on the town. Best of all, they’re lightweight, comfortable and supportive enough to carry you through a full day of walking.

Find our Pixie sandals at Shoe Spa.

Stay tuned next week for more vacation packing tips from Naot!

What Your (Naot) Shoes Say About You

At Naot, we think you can learn a lot about a person just by looking at their shoes. That’s why it’s important to us that we make shoes that are stylish, one-of-a-kind and well-made. After all, we want our Naotics to make an amazing first impression!

While all of our shoes are handmade in the same factory in Israel, there are so many different styles that make their own unique statement. Here are a few of our favorite styles and what we think they say about the Naotics wearing them.

The Tough Gal

Love to be in charge? Not afraid to show it? Our Begonia sandals have your name all over them.

With the 1.75” heel and statement buckles, these sandals say, “whatever comes my way, I can handle it.” They’re supportive enough for all-day wear, so you can seize the day without having to worry about anything stopping you. And though they’re spunky with a jagged sole, they do have a soft side, too. The interior is softly padded and lined with pampering suede.

Find them today at Simons Shoes.

The Flower Child

If you find yourself often telling people to “loosen up,” our Groovy boots are for you.

These ruggedly stylish lace-up ankle boots combine leather and suede for a look that’s “groovy” and carefree. They’re perfect for a fun day at the farmer’s market, an outdoor music festival or exploring a new city. And with full-length zippers on each side, you can be ready for an adventure at the drop of a hat.

Shop our Groovy boots at

The “Energizer Bunny”

Here’s to the woman who doesn’t stop moving from the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to sleep! She would stop and chat, but to be honest, she doesn’t really have the time.

If that sounds like you, our Kirei shoes should be your go-to. They feature an extremely lightweight, durable & slip resistant sole so you can run out the door without worrying about missing a step. And because it’s a maryjane flat, you can step in and step out into the world in record time. There’s no time to stop and put your feet up, and with our Kirei shoes, you won’t really need to.

Find them at Vernon Powell Shoes.

The Adventurer

Hey there, thrill-seeker. We found a pair of shoes that can keep up with you.

Whether you love hiking, camping, climbing or anything in between, our Harbor shoes will be your perfect travel companion. Like you, they’re tough, versatile and ready for any adventure that comes their way. And of course, they’re practical too, because safety isn’t something you take lightly.

Find our Harbor sandals at Shoe Spa.

Which pair of Naot shoes do you own, and what do you think they say about you? Tell us in the comments below!