Looking Back at 2017

At Naot, we love the month of December because it allows us to reflect on all of the wonderful milestones we hit in the previous 12 months.

One major milestone that stands out to us is that we were awarded Vendor of the Year by the National Shoe Retailers Association! We could not have done it without all of our incredible and hard-working employees, and our devoted retailers. Most of all, we are so grateful for our loyal fans and consumers, too!

Additionally, this month we found out that we were nominated for a Footwear Plus Award! We’re eager to hear the results and hope that our shoes win in the sandal category. Be sure to vote for us!

Another wonderful thing about December is that it brings out the holiday spirit in everyone and gets people in the mood to give back. At Naot, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live comfortably and look stylish. That’s why we aim to give back to those in need and create fashion for a cause!

With that being said, we wanted to highlight some of the events over the past year that has allowed us to give back to our customers, fans, and most importantly, those in need!

Just Our Shoes, Juli’s Wearable Art, Karavel Shoes, and Kaufman Shoes are a few of our retailers who have helped us with our drive to give back. With the help of these retailers, we have put on several #NaotGivesBack events in 2017.

How do we give back at these events? For simply TRYING on a pair of Naots at an event, we donate a pair to those in need.

When a customer buys a pair, we donate TWO pairs of Naot Footwear. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

In conjunction with the help of our retailers, we have had the opportunity to donate over 15,000 pairs of shoes to multiple charities and causes including Eva’s Village, Austin Disaster Relief Network, Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis, and more.

Giving is all about making a difference and we aim to inspire others to do the same. Our goal is to help bring happiness to those in need one step at a time. We hope to donate even more shoes in 2018, and will be looking forward to the new year in our next blog post!

What are your proudest accomplishments from 2017? We’d love to hear about in the comments below!


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