Our Favorite Styles for Wide Feet

For those of us with wide feet, shopping for cute & comfortable shoes can be an absolute nightmare!  Really – who has time to deal with aches and blisters from wearing shoes that are too tight?  It just isn’t fair, which is why we rounded up a list of fuller fitting Naots that will walk you right through summer in comfort & style.

Each shoe mentioned below has a wider base and adjustable straps, allowing you to adjust throughout the day as needed.

Naot Malibu


Christina from Detroit says: “Most wonderful footwear! I have a wide foot, high arch and this style is perfect for anyone with that type foot. I did go up one size and it fit perfectly! I bought two pairs. I have never written a review before, but the shoes make your feet feel good.”

Shop the Malibu at STEP! Shoes.

Naot Melody


Melody from San Francisco says: “Love these sandals. Just got them, put them on, and still wearing them hours later. I’d been wanting a pair of silvery-gray sandal for a while, so when I saw this one by Naot, I ordered, and am not disappointed. This is my second pair of Naot sandals, and I’m happy with both pairs. They are very comfortable and fully adjustable with velcro straps. They are good looking and well made, with a replaceable foot liner.”

Shop the Melody at Simons Shoes.

Naot Prescott


Janet from Miami says: “Not all footbeds are alike on Naots but those on this shoe are perfect for me. I love the design of this particular sandal and wear it with both casual and semi-dress clothes – looks great with skirts. First I ordered in the white/pewter color and it felt so good I ordered the black/gold. I love them both and they last for years – so the investment is a good one as is the comfort.”

Shop the Prescott at Englin’s Fine Footwear.

Naot Cornett


Mary from San Francisco says: “Very cute shoes with a comfortable foot bed. This shoe has very nice adjustments that work for very wide feet.”

Shop the Cornet at Bodell’s Shoes Rx.

Naot Kirei Wide963765-p-MULTIVIEW.jpg

Pat from Georgia says: “Love the look and feel. Ordered two more in the same style but different colors. Have bunions, wide feet with narrow heel and high arch and must wear orthotics. Very comfortable for long periods. Strap is long enough for a high arch and feels secure and comfortable. Cute too!”

Shop the Kirei Wide at Vernon Powell Shoes.



You asked for it and we answered!  If you have eyed the Naot Kayla sandal for the past 16 years, get excited because we’re coming out with Kayla Wide for Spring 2018!  

Contact us to be the first to know when the Kayla Wide is available for purchase.


4 thoughts on “Our Favorite Styles for Wide Feet

  1. Alpha

    These shoes look and feel great. They are incredibly normal weight. I compared them to other hiking, hunting, and work shoes of similar size and nothing even came close to how beautiful these shoes were. Actually, I like the wide shoe ever. This is the best collection.Thanks for the great addition.


  2. Coby LaVenture

    I would love to wear more Naot shoes but there are very few size 43 for women. I am 6’2′ and really have a very difficult time finding this size. There are may tall girls and women with my size feet and larger. Please consider making most of your styles in sizes larger than 42.


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