Naotic Handbag Essentials

We all know a woman’s handbag holds her deepest, darkest secrets. Well, not darkest secrets but most certainly her must-have essentials (and some may be secrets!). We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 items every woman should carry in her purse.

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  1. Lotion: It can be embarrassing to shake or hold someone’s hand when you have ashy, dry skin. Keep your hands silky and soft with Naot’s Dead Sea Treasures Hand Cream. From the lowest point on earth Dead Sea minerals and natural oils work continuously to soothe and soften chapped hands. If the hand cream feels amazing and you just can’t get enough, treat yourself to Naot’s Dead Sea Treasures Foot Cream!
  2. Tickets: What woman doesn’t have plans? If you’re in the mood to go out on the town with your girlfriends, you can’t go wrong with a fabulous dinner and a night out enjoying the latest show in your town’s theater.
  3. Lip Balm: Same hand rules apply to the lips. No one wants to kiss dry, chapped lips. It is imperative to always have a lip balm (or two) in your purse. You never know where and when you will run into Prince Charming!
  4. Gum: Sometimes we all need that squeaky clean feeling! If you don’t like chewing gum, mints work perfectly well, too. Either way, don’t let the whole world know you ate those delicious garlic frites for lunch.
  5. Poo-Pourri: This is an absolute essential for that moment you really, really have to go… but you don’t want anyone to know. It’s as simple as spritzing the toilet bowl with Poo-Pourri and then going about your usual business. The oils create a barrier trapping the odors under the surface. It’s as simple as that!
  6. Sewing Kit: You never know when a disaster may strike. Whether the button on your jeans pop off or you need a safety pin, this little kit will come in handy. We promise, you’ll thank us later!
  7. Cellphone: This one doesn’t even need an explanation.
  8. Business Card Holder: Networking is key, thus it is always important to carry your business cards, but look stylish while doing it. Keeping your business cards separate makes them easier to find and it looks a lot more professional when you can easily pull them out of your large tote.

Naot’s Dead Sea Treasures Hand Cream and Foot Cream are available for purchase at Simons’s Shoes.



At Yaleet Inc., we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live comfortably and look stylish. Each year, with the help of our retailers and local charities, we connect with local communities and provide approximately 15,000 pairs of Naot shoes to those in need.

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Left: Lucky Shoes in Ohio donating to Cleveland Jewish Federation, Right: Orva Shoes  in New York City donating to WIN

Because local businesses and charities know the needs of their communities best, we allow our authorized Naot retailers to select the local charity of their choice for their Naot shoe donation.

Left: Snyder Shoes in Michigan donating to LOVE Inc., Right: Orva Shoes in New York City donating to WIN

Organizations like Mary’s Shelter and Mary’s Home which provide a suitable place to live for underprivileged pregnant women and new moms, Bucks County Opportunity Council whose mission is to reduce poverty in their area and a variety of other charities have all been overjoyed to have been chosen as recipients of our Naot shoe donations.

Left: Easton Shoes in Ohio donating to The Garden of Greenwood/The Better Way, Right: Orva Shoes in New York City donating to WIN

There are few feelings as good as helping a less fortunate person experience the happiness of putting on a brand new, comfortable shoe. When we hear stories from our retailers about how we’ve touched the lives of so many deserving and grateful men and women, it fills our hearts with joy.

To view more photos of generous program, click here for the gallery.

If you are an authorized Naot retailer interested in hosting a Naot donation event in your community please contact us.

Handcrafted by Naot

Drum roll please!  We are introducing our brand new Spring 2016 collection, Handcrafted by Naot!

Exquisitely handpainted treatments on Naot’s new handcrafted collection create a one-of-a-kind look. Carefully picked color variations in the leather add to the shoes individuality making each pair as unique as you are.

Let us take you through the process!









Get your feet into a pair of these colorful beauties and you will surely stand out in the crowd!

Purchase the men’s Chief and Director shoes from Schuler Shoes.

Purchase the women’s Vogue and Tahoe sandals from The Shoe Spa.

Naot Travels: Florida

Knowing many of our Naotics travel across the country, we decided to compile a list of our top 3 shoe picks for various destinations. First stop – Florida!

NAOT Travels-7.png

If you’re in Florida, a trip to the beach is always a must! Don’t feel like you have to sacrifice style for your basic flip-flops. The Juneau is a fashionable sandal with a soft toe thong and a padded upper for extra comfort. Added embellishments on the sandals will give your swimsuit a dash of bling!


After the beach, it’s time to hit up downtown! You’re in Florida so you want to look stylish while walking down the boulevard. Our Miracle sandal is a great sandal to complete your look, with a 3” wedge, color blocking straps and latex foot bed. Not only will you be the trendiest, but little will people know, you’ll also be the comfiest.


At the end of the day it’s time for a night on the town with our Vogue heel. The trendy shoe is part of our Avant-garde collection because it definitely makes a statement with the cutout details and rivet accents. Due to the 2” heel, you’ll be able to dance the night away in comfort!


All featured styles & more are available for purchase at The Shoe Mart here: