Fall in Love with Naot Footwear

While it’s been a little bittersweet for those that live in the middle and northern parts of the country to say goodbye to their sandals, they’re also welcoming all that fall fashion has to offer – starting with their feet first. If you’ve ever worn a pair of Naots, you know how delightful they feel on your feet as soon as you put them on. To welcome fall and introduce you to some of our newer styles and colors, we’ve put together this ‘Fall Shoe Guide’ to highlight some of our favorites.

Naot Avila


Our Avila boots (also pictured above) treat your feet like royalty with their pampering suede footbed and snug fit supporting your ankles. Dress them up with tights and a tunic or down with skinny jeans, you’ll want to wear these with just about everything!

Fit: Medium Width

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Naot Luga


This adorable mary jane style shoe comes in four different colors and features our removable Koru footbed. This is a great travel shoe, definitely one you can wear all day because of the flexibility, arch support and shock absorption.

Fit: Medium

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Naot Helm


These lightweight ankle booties have Naotics everywhere singing their praises because of their style and comfort. They feature double sided zippers, making it extremely easy to slip on and off and when they’re on, they hug your ankle just enough so there’s no sliding around.

Fit: Medium

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Naot Celesta


If you have a slightly wider foot, our casually chic Celesta shoe is for you. It is made with our removable Allegro footbed and the faux buckle Velcro closures adjust for a perfect fit.

Fit: Wide Width

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Naot Kirei


Year after year, the Kirei remains one of our top selling shoes. Highly recommended by podiatrists and doctors, this style tends to be very popular with travelers, teachers or just for everyday wear. It’s not uncommon to own several pairs as it’s available in 11 different colors.

Fit: Medium and Wide Width options

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Naot Gazania


Our Gazania lace-up boot is a new style that is fun, funky and of course, super comfortable! It features a zipper on the inside of the boot so you won’t need to constantly tighten the laces each time you put them on. This rugged chic look pairs well with jeans, leggings and even a simple little black dress with tights.

Fit: Medium

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Naot Boreas


Available in both black and brown, our Boreas ankle boot could just be the fall shoe you’ve been dreaming of. It’s lightweight and also features a side zipper for easy accessibility. It’s contrasting leathers and oversized buckle gives it a wow factor.

Fit: Medium

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Naot Dashing


Our Dashing mary jane with a 2” heel is both fabulous AND functional. The rubber outsole makes them extremely durable for all-day wear and our anatomical footbed will mold to your foot the more you wear them.

Fit: Medium

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Naot Pilot


Our top pick for the fall for men is our Pilot boot, which comes in gray, navy, brown and black. Men love them for their extreme comfort and classic style with the ability to dress them up or down.

Fit: Medium

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Naotics of the Month: September 2016

The weather may be cooling down, but our Naotics’ style is just warming up!

In early September, beauty and style blogger @beingzhenya slipped on our Tampa sandals on her visit to Chicago. She described the brownstones in Chicago as gorgeous, but we must admit, her outfit is what really catches our eye.


Lori Leinard rocked her Dorith sandals all over Disney World in Orlando, so you know she was comfortable! Can you guess which Disney character she’s representing in this picture?


Our next Naotic is one we’ve seen before. Risa from Philadelphia returns as a Naotic of the Month wearing her Naot Santa Barbara sandals with her adorable daughter Isla. Read more about her look on her blog here.


The Naotic that’s last but not least is Amanda from Portland who embarked on a trip to Thailand this month in her Naot Santa Fe sandals.


To shop all of these shoes and more, please visit Simons Shoes here.




Transitional Shoes You Need for Fall

No matter where you live in the country, the weather is beginning to cool down as summer comes to an end. We’re now in full fall fashion mode and have selected some of our top styles to help your closet transition into the lower temps.


Naot Lantana.png

Dress them up or dress them down, our Lantana shoes are incredibly comfortable and great for in-between weather. Available in three colors at Simons Shoes.



Year after year, the Rongo remains one of our top sellers due to its comfort and style. Shop it at Simons Shoes.



Our Tiaki shoe gives full coverage to your feet, while remaining extremely stylish and versatile. You can find it in two color variations at Simons Shoes.



The Arataki is lightweight and breathable and its adjustable strap makes it easy to slip on and off. View multiple colors at Simons Shoes.

Click here to view a complete list of our transitional styles.


Fall Styles for Narrow Feet

If you have narrow feet, you already know finding a comfortable shoe with the proper fit and support can be extremely difficult. Whether the straps are too loose, your foot slides around in the shoe or they’re just plain uncomfortable, we’ve got you covered with these narrow soled shoes and boots just in time for the fall season.

Naot Pleasure


Shop it HERE.

What people are saying: Normally I wear a flat heel, so this was different for me, but I wanted to wear something special to a wedding. I wore them all evening and danced in them too. Very comfortable, supportive shoe. I have plantar fasciitis and am very particular about my shoes. Very nice to find a dressy, stylish comfortable heel.

– Jane from Boulder, CO

Naot Allure


Shop it HERE.

What people are saying: It is a miracle and my feet are in heaven! I finally found the perfect boot that doesn’t hurt my hallux limitus and has excellent arch support. This boot is more streamlined (less bulky) than the other Naot tall boots (I tried them all) and fits nice and snug around the calf. I have narrow feet and skinny legs. It is a functional and fashionable boot that looks awesome with dresses, short skirts, jeans, and leggings. My search (of probably about 10 different boots) is over!

– Customer from Richmond, VA

Naot Vistoso


Shop it HERE.

What people are saying: I have a hard time finding ankle boots because the shanks are usually so big that they don’t securely hold my foot in place. This boot has a very nice fit to it and excellent arch support. It is very nice looking and I wear for business attire with a dress or pants. It’s cute for casual wear also.

– Customer from Chicago, IL

Naot Nadine


Shop it HERE.

What people are saying: I’m loving these shoes! At first I thought the heel would be too high for comfort, but I can just about hike in these! The lace look keeps them from being boring,  I have had many compliments on them. And there’s a brilliant shortcut designed in: you can zip them on and off, and not have to mess with the laces!! Love them.

– Naida from Bellingham, WA

Naot Present


Shop it HERE.

What people are saying: These shoes fit like a glove on my narrow feet, which I normally have a hard time finding shoes for. They look good with jeans and slacks. I love Naot’s styles!

– Megan from Portland, OR

Naot Levanto


Shop it HERE.

What people are saying: This is a very comfortable shoe. It does fit true to size. I have a narrow foot and this shoe fits great! I wore them without having to break them in.

– Laurie from Alexandria, VA

Naot Calima


Shop it HERE.

What people are saying: I can’t say enough about these booties! I bought these for a trip to Munich and Prague – I was warned that the cobblestone streets in Prague were treacherous, and they weren’t kidding. But with these attractive little booties, the cobblestones were no challenge for me! Some days, we walked 7 miles and I never had sore feet or blisters. I was really glad that I read other reviews that suggested that I tighten the middle buckle to prevent my ankles from sliding in the boot, because I thought they were just for looks. These look great with leggings, slim jeans and boot-cut pants. The textured leather held up to light rain. They are my new favorite.

– Shannon from Madison, WI







Naot Ardisia – Versatile Style, Supreme Comfort

Naotics everywhere can attest that there’s no footwear brand that balances comfort and style better than Naot. One of our favorite pairs of sandals this season is the Ardisia, so we created looks for three different Naotic styles. With their half-moon side cut outs, the full coverage upper is not only extremely supportive, but also very versatile. The Ardisia comes in two beautiful colors, Black Leather and Latte Brown Leather. Check out the trendy looks we’ve put together with them both below.

Look #1

Naot Ardisia Maxi SkirtFor our first Ardisia look, we’ve paired the Black Leather Ardisias with a blush-colored loose slash neck batwing sleeve sweater, and a slimming black ribbed maxi skirt. To accent the look, we’ve selected a medium nude leather shoulder bag with black trim, accented by a gold banded bangle and a pair of yellow gold opal stud earrings to make your ears sparkle. To top off the chic look is a black wide-rimmed boho hat with gold accents, protecting your skin from getting too much sun.

Look #2

Naot Ardisia Casual Look

For our second look, we paired the Latte Brown Ardisias, with a cozy olive cotton modal-blend t-shirt and vintage speckled gaucho pants. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach, or just walking around town, the wide brim straw sun hat with keep you in shade. Stroll around with a white starfish beach tote to keep yourself organized, and lastly keep track of time with a versatile gold-metal mesh bracelet watch.

Look #3

Naot ArdisiaThe centerpiece of this outfit (aside from our Latte Brown Leather Ardisias of course), is a peach scoop neck racer back tank top. To snazz up the look, we have a cream pair of wide leg cotton-twill pants. This cute outfit wouldn’t be complete without some elegant accessories, so we’ve paired the scoop neck with a gold multi-chain necklace that falls perfectly with the neckline. Glossy gold circle drop earrings and a gold lace cuff tie in the necklace perfectly. To finish off the look, shade your eyes from the warm summer sun with some pink rounded sunglasses, and an oversized tan shopper tote to carry everything you need on a nice day!

Whichever Naot Ardisia fits your taste, your shoes will provide long-lasting comfort without sacrificing style.

Shop both colors at Schuler Shoes here: http://bit.ly/2bY7N1A.

Naotics of the Month: August 2016

August was hot, hot, hot, with Naotics wearing their sandals across the world! We love seeing how these Naotics rocked their favorite shoes this month.

@lizzieryder paired our Ardisia sandals with skinny jeans and a basic tee for a classic, comfy look in Chicago.


Risa Page is a mother of two in Philadelphia and is pictured here with her adorable daughter, Isla, and her cute Santa Barbara sandals. She gets all of her Naots at Carella’s Art & Sole Footwear.


Ann took her love of Naots all the way to Spain! Here she is in Pamphola, Spain, being a tourist in her Begonia sandals.

IMG_1973 (1).JPG

Boston-dwelling @sassyinsequins spent a weekend frolicking around her city like a tourist showing family the best things to eat, see, and do in Boston. Of course, her feet were well taken care of in her Pixie wedges. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.30.39 PM

Last but not least is @followkatee who is also exploring Spain. She’s pictured here in the Gardens of Alcazar in her Pamela sandals.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 4.25.12 PM.png


Naot Footbeds

Take a closer look at Naot Footbeds

Your feet are the foundation of your body, with your arch being perhaps the most important structural feature. Making sure your feet are supported with proper shoes is imperative to your body’s overall health, which is why we took a lot of time to select the finest footbeds for every type of foot. Our uniquely engineered insoles are a blend of natural latex and cork that are designed to replicate the shape of the foot with a strong emphasis on arch support.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.56.24 AM

Take a closer look at each component of a Naot footbed:

  1. HALLUX SUPPORT – Enables natural hold of the big toe, prevents the foot from slipping forward and improves the foot’s hold on the shoe.
  2. ELEVATED FOOTBED CENTER – The elevated center of the insole releases pressure in the joints of the central part of the foot.
  3. ARCH SUPPORT – Allows the weight of the body to be correctly distributed and reduces pressure generated by the spinal column and joints.
  4. DEEP HEEL INDENTATION – Helps the body’s balance and maintains the natural shape of the pad of the heel that protects the heel bone.
  5. FLEXIBILITY, DURABILITY & SHOCK ABSORPTION – The footbed is made of a unique, high-quality blend of cork & latex, granting it flexibility, shock absorbing qualities and long-term durability.
  6. LATEX SPONGE LAYER – A layer of padding that provides caressing and softness.

Podiatrists and general doctors alike recommend Naots because of their complete support for people with foot, knee, hip and back problems, including plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

So, when you’re deciding which Naot shoe to buy, it’s essential to look at not only the style, but also the footbed that will best fit your feet. Take a closer look at all of our footbeds here: http://bit.ly/2bMB1g9.


Back-to-School: Naot’s Top Picks for Teachers

It’s hard to believe, but the freedom of summer is coming to end for both students and teachers alike! Because Each Naot shoe is handmade with only the finest and highest quality raw materials, you can know confidently that they’re the best shoes for the teacher in your life.

We took some time to compile a selection of A+ looks for all teachers. Browse some of our back to school styles below.

Handpainted Vogue

Our Teal Handpainted Vogues have a unique 2″ heel sandal and add the perfect pop of color to any Back-to-School look with its contrasting leathers! Available at Instep Austin.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 4.31.36 PM


Our Dream heeledclogs will leave any teacher’s arches feeling dreamy after a long day on their feet with their anatomic cork & latex footbed which is wrapped in pampering suede! Available at Morgans Shoes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 4.35.25 PM


The Lantana is the perfect feminine transitional wedge, whether recess is indoors or outdoors they’ll keep you covered (and padded), with its hook and loop strap design! Available at Simons Shoes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 4.34.42 PM


Our dressier Intact sandal is excellent for a height boost in the classroom with its 2.25″ heel, without the foot ache thanks to its anatomic cork & latex footbed that molds to your foot! Available at Shoe Meadow.


Men’s Handpainted Director

As part of our Handcrafted Collection, Our Men’s Handpainted Directors will not only keep any hardworking teacher’s feet well-padded all day long, but also give them a one-of-a-kind look for the classroom. Available at Footwear Etc.


Men’s Denali

Our Denali lace up features a 1.5″ polyurethane sole that’s extremely lightweight, durable & slip resistant, so no matter what chaos the school day brings, you can take it on with ease. Available at Simons Shoes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.08.16 PM

With Naot Footwear there are endless comfortable and stylish options for everyone!

To check out all of the top styles in our Back to School selection, click here.


Naot Gives Back: Peltz Shoes and Homeless Empowerment Program

Naot ended July with a very warm heart! As Naot fans know, it’s always been important for Yaleet, Inc. to give back to the communities we are a part of. Our Donation Program, which partners Naot retailers with various organizations, is one of the ways we give back to those who are less fortunate.


On July 29th, 2016 we partnered with Peltz Shoes in Clearwater, Florida to bring the female members of the Homeless Empowerment Program (HEP) shoes which are both stylish and comfortable for them to wear.

KatherineAllenFittingAndrea (1)
Katherine Allen fitting Andrea.

The event was more than a success! Following the event, we are proud to say that we delivered 200 pairs of Naot shoes to the gracious women at HEP.


Gary Peltz (Co-owner of Peltz) left, and Brent Weingarten (local Naot Sales Rep) right.

The lovely ladies were excited to have shoes that are practical for long days on their feet.

Read some of their quotes from the event below:

ROSE -­­ “These make my feet feel happy and pretty. Thank you for making me lucky number 7.”

KEMI – “This was my first time participating in an event like this and it’s phenomenal! I stand on my feet at work and I’ve never been able to afford good quality comfortable shoes, and the shoes also look pretty! I’m very appreciative that you did this for our community.”

LAURA – “My feet feel fantastic, these shoes are so comfortable. Thank you!”

Now women like Kemi can work long hours without having to worry about the foot ache of a long day’s work, thanks to her high-quality and handcrafted Naots, and Peltz Shoes.

Kemi showing off her new Naot shoes.

Naot and Yaleet, Inc. continue to hold Donation Programs events all over the country, and we’ll continue to bring the joy of happy feet to those in need.

For more information on Naot’s Donation Program, click here.

Katherine Allen fitting Rose.
Katherine Allen and Dionna saying goodbye to Lori Beinke.