It’s National Wedding Month!

Did you know that February is National Wedding Month!? While you might think it’s because of Valentine’s Day, the holiday is actually unrelated. According to the National Association of Bridal Consultants, February is the month in which most couples begin planning for their summer and fall weddings!

Whether you’re planning your own wedding this month or have a few weddings to attend, we’ve rounded up a few stylish Naot shoes that will comfortably carry you from the I-do’s to the reception. After all, with so many important details to worry about, the last thing you want to be held back by is achy feet.

Here are some of our top choices!


Perfect for summer nuptials or tropical destination weddings, the Formal is the ultimate slide heel for any festive event in your life! With the block heel, you won’t have to worry about sinking into grass and sand, and best of all, you’ll be comfortable enough to dance the night away! The hook and loop feature allows you to create your perfect fit, whereas the delicate rivet accents help the shoe stand out.

Here’s what one wedding guest had to say about them:

“I love these sandals. I feel they are dressy enough for a formal occasion without the discomfort. I especially like the adjustable strap. It makes them feel more secure. This style is a winner!” – Jody, New Jersey


The Mystery wedge is the perfect shoe for a bride who wants a little height without compromising comfort. This fashionable 2.75-inch wedge is lightweight, padded and even has a microfiber strip on the footbed to prevent slipping. That’s an important feature when you’re running around to greet your guests– especially if you’ve had a glass of champagne or two! Best of all, this wedge is beaded with rhinestone accents to give it the perfect, sparkly bridal touch.

We love this quote from one of our Naot brides:

“I wore Naot Mystery wedges on my wedding day could not believe how comfortable they were. My feet didn’t ache even for a second. I was thrilled and spent the whole night on the dance floor.” – Taryn, Chicago


Looking for a great pair of dressy oxfords? Look no further. The Naot Magnate will make you feel sleek, sophisticated and supported.  The hand-painted treatment on this shoe creates a “one-of-a-kind” look that will help you stand out on your big day. The removable suede-lined cork and latex footbed offers contoured support and comfort, which is vital when have to be on your feet for pictures, dancing and beyond!

Here’s what one Naotic had to say:

“Amazing – Comfort and style. Looks like a true dress shoe. Worth every penny, really.” – Todd, New York


Another great choice, the Naot Audience has a padded heel and tongue for all-day comfort. The Audience is also crafted with a hand-sewn Strobel construction, making it extremely flexible. You can lace them up and head to the ceremony without any fussing after that!

Here’s what one groom said about his Audience loafers:

“I got so many compliments on my shoes on the wedding day. Everyone asked me where I got them! They were also really comfortable and supportive all day long.” – Bryan, Chicago

Do you know a couple that’s tying the knot? Send them a pair of Naots for the ultimate “something new.”  View all formal styles for women & men.


Shoes We’re *Loving* for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and some of us are more excited than others. Sure, the holiday can be a fun excuse to get sweet and sappy, but it is also begrudgingly named “Singles Awareness Day.”

At Naot, we always want our customers to feel their best from the inside out– no matter the occasion! So whether you love or loathe this day of romance, we’re here to help you pick out the best looks for February 14th. 

Check out our favorite styles of Naot shoes to don on Valentine’s Day.

All the Single Ladies

If you’re single and loving it, maybe you want to head out with your best friends and cheers to never breaking up. If you’re single and hating it, maybe you want to order in your favorite takeout, pour yourself a glass of wine and watch How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days for the hundredth time. Never fear, we’ve got the perfect shoes for both objectives!

Going out: Our Berry Kona boots are the perfect shoes for a woman who wants to paint the town red this Valentine’s Day. Sleek and sassy, this ankle boot features a hook and loop faux buckle as well as a zipper for easy on and off wear. And with a 1 ½“ heel, you can dress it up or down.

Find them today at Missouri Bluffs.

Staying In: Treat yourself to the most comfortable shoes EVER! Our Leilani clogs are perfect for lounging around the house or running a quick errand (perhaps for more ice cream). Whatever your plans, the Leilani’s mixed suede and leather materials will make you feel pampered.

Find them at Englin’s Fine Footwear here.

Coupled Off

Of course, Valentine’s Day is also a celebration of good old-fashioned love! Perhaps you’re looking forward to a lovely date night with your special someone or plan to kick things up a notch in a budding romance. In either instance, we’ve got you covered.

Dining out: Slip on and slip out to dinner with our Upgrade heels. The subtle block heel adds height making it dressy without compromising comfort. You’ll look and feel special without having to fuss!

Shop them at Schuler Shoes.

Drinks & Dancing: Dance the night away with our Brava heels! This style has a padded heel cup for support & extra comfort, and yet with the 2.75” heel, it dresses up any look. Pair it with dark jeans or a dress to make your date swoon!

Find them at Instep.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

January 2018 Naotics of the Month

We’d like to extend massive kudos to all of the Naotics that remained fashionable throughout the month of January! Even through snowstorms and freezing temps, these fashionistas kept their cool and dressed to impress all month long.

Take a look at some of our favorite looks from Naotics throughout the month of January.

Megan Hoole – She’s All Dolled Up

Rain or shine, this gal looks divine! Megan made the best of a snowy situation and rocked her Naot Gazania boots on even the coldest winter days. Even more, we love that she dressed them up and down, pairing them with leggings and comfy sweaters to blouses and skirts.

We ❤ you, Megan!  

Christin Bryant – CBStyled

Christin’s style stands out even when she’s wearing all neutrals. This simple yet stylish look is perfect for a gal-on-the-go because it’s comfortable, versatile and chic– especially when paired with our black Helm booties! Stay warm (and fabulous), Christin.

Kiki – The Blonde Abroad

How can you not love this trendy world traveler? Her photos are always incredible and her captions always make us smile. This month, she was spotted in Cape Town, South Africa rocking modern overalls and Naot Santa Barbara sandals. We can’t wait to see where she takes them next!

Taylor Brown – The Styled Press

We’ve got all of the heart eyes for this photo from Taylor. And is it just us, or do the colors remind you of bubbly champagne?! Between the neutral tones in our tan/beige Helm booties and the blush tunic turtleneck, we might just pour ourselves a glass. 😉 All jokes aside, we could see ourselves re-wearing this outfit all the time!

Have you been rocking Naots all winter long? We’d love to see how you styled them! Share your photos with us using the hashtag #Naot on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our blog.

Shop all featured styles at The Foot Spot.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Oh, online shopping– you are such a high risk, high reward game! While it’s so fun to unwrap a present delivered to your door, it can be so disappointing when the product doesn’t live up to your expectations. Sure, you can always send the item back, but who has time for one more errand!?

At Naot, we pride ourselves on making shoes that live up to their reputation. When shoes have the Naot name on them, you know that they are handcrafted and built to last. And most importantly, they look great, too.

But don’t just take our word for it! We gathered some of our favorite customer reviews from real Naotics around the country. Here’s what they had to say about their recent online purchases.

The Naot Helm

“These little boots meet the “Goldilocks Effect,” not too tall, not too short, but “just right!” After going through other Naot ankle boots, I finally found these. They are comfortable with little to no break-in time; they are stylish, but not flashy. These boots look great with skirts and slacks.” – Christine, Texas

Find a pair for yourself at Dodds Shoe Co.

The Naot Kirei

“I bought these shoes two weeks ago and have worn them every weekday since. I take the bus to work and want comfortable shoes that look decent with a suit. These are perfect! They are so comfortable from the first time that I put them on. I liked them so much, that I ordered another pair in the brown/tan shade – they arrived yesterday and are just as comfortable… I am a size 7½ and got size 38.” – ShoePerson, California

Shop them at Englin’s Fine Footwear.

Naot Pilot

“These days, it’s not always easy to find quality workmanship. But that what you get from these Naot Pilot(s); the footbed is completely padded, so amazingly comfortable! Quality throughout, that you will notice!”- “SentOneMike”, Ohio

Find a pair of our Pilot shoes at Shoes RX.

Naot Gazania Boots

“Love these boots so much. Completely comfortable right out of the box…love the arch support. Super-fun style – an interesting hybrid with a little bit of bad-ass attitude and the casualness of a sneaker. The grey can take on a blue-ish look when worn with jeans…works great.” – Monica, Oregon

Shop them today at Simons Shoes.

Naot Wisdom

“The most comfortable dress shoes I ever owned. I have brown and black versions of this shoe. It is extremely comfortable to wear all day walking around the building where I work.”- Steve, USA

Shop them at

Have you purchased a pair of Naots online? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below! 

Cover More Ground in 2018

It has been said that if January were a day of the week, it would be Monday. For better or worse, January can be a time for resolutions, new beginnings and laying the groundwork for what your year will look like.

At Naot, we shared the resolution that we’d like to donate more shoes in 2018. We’re excited to say that we’re already on our way to making that happen! As always, our team is working behind-the-scenes on outreach and coordination for shoe drives and #NaotGivesBack events.

One goal we haven’t yet shared is that we’d love to see Naot shoes “cover more ground” in the new year. For us, that means having our shoes travel to new places and walk greater distances than ever before. The only thing is, we need your help to achieve this goal! Nothing would make us happier than seeing YOU rock your Naot shoes on all of your vacations and adventures this year.

In 2017, we saw Naotics take us along on their journeys to France, Morocco, the Philippines and beyond! What we heard time and time again from these Naotics is that their feet didn’t ache once when they traveled in our shoes.

We’re so thrilled that our shoes provided comfort and support so these jetsetters could stay in the moment when taking in new sites. Nothing would be worse than gazing up at the Eiffel Tower for the first time and having your feet ache too much to enjoy it!

So, whether you’re exploring your own city or traveling to the opposite end of the earth, we hope that you’ll take Naot shoes with you on your journey. Not only will you be able to “get your steps in” on your fitness trackers, but you won’t have to worry about frequent breaks to give your feet a rest. Staying in the moment and walking more: doesn’t that sound like a resolution you can get on board with!?

We’d love to see photos of you in your shoes around the globe so we can cover more ground together in the new year! Help us meet our goal by tagging us in your photos and using the hashtag #Naot. You might even get featured on our blog!

Check out our social media channels here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

National Trivia Day 2018

Did you know that today, January 4th, is National Trivia Day? In honor of this special occasion, we’ve compiled Naot trivia just for you! Think you’ve got what it takes? Post your answers to each question in the comments below for a chance to win a pair of your favorite Naot shoes!

  1. What year was Naot founded?
    1. 1960
    2. 1952
    3. 1942
  2. Where are Naot shoes made?
    1. The United States
    2. Israel
    3. Turkey
  3. What does the word “Naot” mean?
    1. Oasis
    2. Comfort
    3. Paradise
  4. What material cannot be found in Naot’s anatomic Footbed?
    1. Latex
    2. Cork
    3. Wood
  5. What was the most popular Naot style in 2017?
    1. The Naot Kayla
    2. The Naot Helm
    3. The Naot Pixie

Comment HERE for a chance! 👇👇 You must be 18+ enter and live in the continental U.S. 

Naotics of the Month – December 2017

For many of us, these past few months have been filled with non-stop get togethers, travel days, planning and shopping in anticipation of the holiday season. With everything that’s going on, having a shoe that can take us from the grocery store to a holiday party has become a must! All month long we’ve been loving the creative ways our Naotics have styled their Naot shoes for this busy season.

Check out some of the great looks our Naotics pulled together the month of December.

Mary – Your Trendy Therapist
Blogger Mary of @yourtrendytherapist took on Thanksgiving with a pair of our Helm booties! For her laid-back holiday, Mary knew that looking stylish and staying comfortable would be easy with an oversized sweater and her favorite booties– available here.

Riley Cappellucci
We can’t help but swoon over the outfit Riley put together to welcome in the weekend! Paired with our Groovy boots in black, this outfit is perfect for any holiday parties you have coming up or to ring in 2018. Find our Groovy boots here.

Barbara Skidmore – Blushing Alpacas Blog
We love this laidback outfit Barbara put together with our Wander boots! Barbara’s husband is even a die-hard Naotic, too. Check out what he had to say about his Naot loafers below.

“In any relationship it’s always important to know where you stand. For me, it’s slightly to the right and with new @naotfootwear kicks.” Find our Wander boots here.

Julie of Blazers & Bubbly
We can’t get over this unique look Julie crafted with the help of our Groovy boots. Combining the mixed material trend of this season, Julie rocked a one-of-a-kind look with various prints and materials. Shop her shoes here.

Amy Kritzer
Naotic Amy brought her Taku boots with her all the way to Israel– where they were originally made! Perfect for walking around and exploring, Amy played on the edgy look of the boots with a floral kimono. Take a closer look at our Taku boots here.

Vanessa Renae
When it comes to holiday parties, Vanessa knows that you don’t need a pair of heels to top off your look – you just need a pair of Taku boots. With the right amount of glitz and glam, these shoes allow you to look stylish and remain comfortable all night long. Get yourself a pair here.

Have you been donning your Naot boots all winter long? Be sure to share photos with us on Facebook!

Looking Forward to 2018

Last week, we took a walk down memory lane and reflected on all of the milestones we hit in 2017. This week, we want to take a look forward into this upcoming year and set new year’s resolutions for Naot!

For starters, we always want to give back more than we did the year before. This past year, we were able to donate approximately 15,000 pairs of shoes to those in need. With the help of our retailers and charity partners, we’d love to exceed that number in 2018!

If you want to participate in our donation events firsthand, be on the lookout for #NaotGivesBack events at your local retailers. Details for upcoming events are shared on our Facebook page.


For us, a new year also brings fabulous new styles of Naot shoes. We’re so excited to provide a sneak peek of some of the styles you can expect to see in the spring of 2018.


Our newest line of shoes is handmade with the finest materials and form to your feet for ultimate comfort. Not to mention- we closely follow fashion trends and forecasting to ensure our Naotics are the most trendsetting fashionistas on the block. Which pair are you most eager to try on?
We’re looking forward to a bright year ahead of us! Will Naot shoes carry you through the new year? If so, be sure to share photos with us on Instagram! #NAOT

Photo .jpg

Photo and Styling by the Blushing Alpacas

Looking Back at 2017

At Naot, we love the month of December because it allows us to reflect on all of the wonderful milestones we hit in the previous 12 months.

One major milestone that stands out to us is that we were awarded Vendor of the Year by the National Shoe Retailers Association! We could not have done it without all of our incredible and hard-working employees, and our devoted retailers. Most of all, we are so grateful for our loyal fans and consumers, too!

Additionally, this month we found out that we were nominated for a Footwear Plus Award! We’re eager to hear the results and hope that our shoes win in the sandal category. Be sure to vote for us!

Another wonderful thing about December is that it brings out the holiday spirit in everyone and gets people in the mood to give back. At Naot, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live comfortably and look stylish. That’s why we aim to give back to those in need and create fashion for a cause!

With that being said, we wanted to highlight some of the events over the past year that has allowed us to give back to our customers, fans, and most importantly, those in need!

Just Our Shoes, Juli’s Wearable Art, Karavel Shoes, and Kaufman Shoes are a few of our retailers who have helped us with our drive to give back. With the help of these retailers, we have put on several #NaotGivesBack events in 2017.

How do we give back at these events? For simply TRYING on a pair of Naots at an event, we donate a pair to those in need.

When a customer buys a pair, we donate TWO pairs of Naot Footwear. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

In conjunction with the help of our retailers, we have had the opportunity to donate over 15,000 pairs of shoes to multiple charities and causes including Eva’s Village, Austin Disaster Relief Network, Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis, and more.

Giving is all about making a difference and we aim to inspire others to do the same. Our goal is to help bring happiness to those in need one step at a time. We hope to donate even more shoes in 2018, and will be looking forward to the new year in our next blog post!

What are your proudest accomplishments from 2017? We’d love to hear about in the comments below!